Tuesday, 29 July 2014

These Are Full Of The World's 10 Amazing Adventures Bridge

1 Oliveira Bridge, Brazil.

2 The Pearl Bridge, Japan.

3 The Oresnd Bridge, Sweden-Denmark.

4 Charles Bridge, Prague.

5 Vieadkt Millau, France.
6 The Forth Railway Bridge, Scotland.
7 Pont Vecchio, Italy.

8 Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.
9 (Langakavi Sky Bridge, Malaysia) 
These are full of the world's 10 Amazing Adventures Bridge.JPG
10  Trift Bridge, Switzerland.

Lngkavi SkHave you seen the bridge rests on a pole? Have you ever between two hills swinging bridge Bina have any support? What shape is seen as a bridge to the house? Many of these bridges during the journey to the fear persists.
y Bridge, Malaysia

Palau Island located in Malaysia Sky Bridge Lngkavi extremely unique and amazing in itself. It is 410 feet long, 82 m high curved bridge aground in the air is only supported on pillars. Pillar (Pillar) Udhar twisting bridge is moving, the camper is to experience the thrill of a different kind. The curved bridge is at an altitude of 2,300 feet above sea level.

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