Tuesday, 29 July 2014

North Korea Threatens The United States, Will The White House And The Pentagon Nuclear Attack

North Korea threatens the United States, will the White House and the Pentagon Nuclear Attack.JPG
Photographs are taking part in the conference held on the anniversary of the Korean War, North Korea's top leader Kim Jong those.

Seoul. North Korea's top military officer in the United States at the White House the Pentagon have threatened nuclear attack. Military official increasing tensions between the United States and South Korea blamed North Korea. Hwang, director of the General Political Bureau of the North Korean military Pyog sleeping on the 61st Anniversary of the Korean War of 1950-53 while addressing a conference of army threatened on Sunday. 

Hwang's speech aired on state television in North Korea on Monday. Hwang said in his speech, "the imperialist Americans tried to be a threat to our sovereignty, our army will attack the bone of contention the White House the Pentagon nuclear rocket Dagegi." 

North Korea angered by U.S. military drills 
Hwang Vice Marshal of the Korean People's Army reserve status. Hwang said while addressing the Korean People's Army, South Korea U.S. military drills on the island, which includes the use of nuclear-powered aircraft, the tension is born. 
Between June 25, 1950 July 27, 1953, was a war between South Korea North Korea. The United States was providing support to South Korea, on the other hand, was in favor of the Soviet Union, North Korea.

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