Tuesday, 29 July 2014

NET world "stone statue" is called Army of Kim Jong

NET world "stone statue" is called Army of Kim Jong.JPG
North Korean ruler Kim Jong 

North Korean ruler Kim Jong those considered strict and tyrant ruler. No order can not dismiss them in their country. The last days of Kim Jong uncle who had refused to do so. Later that Uncle and his family were also killed. Kim Jong information on the Internet and there are several things against them. 

When the matter came to light recently when they provide their forces with a photo op, then bring someone expressions are not allowed. Kim Jong Sometimes those are smiling, others remain quite dead. That's why Kim Jong army of them, "Stone Faced Man" is the stone statue called such men. 

This photo is of the first meeting of the North Korean army's air wing, in which Kim Jong expressions on the faces of those remaining people lined up like a statue. One main reason behind this dictator Kim himself preferred to be called. They want the army to prominence properties shown loyalty to him more and more. 

If someone does their defiance, he is put in prison or torture is over. Kim large positions in the military are only men, while women have lower or mid-level position. 

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