Friday, 1 August 2014

Sonia's Response On My Book Shows That He Denies Touching A Weak Vein Natwar

Congress leader Natwar Singh
Former Congress leader Natwar Singh, Sonia Gandhi on Friday said his new book proves it is a strong reaction from That he is a "weak nerve" and anything touching them so 'upset' that he gave feedback.

Singh also claimed that it is in talks with television channels Congress '50 'by calling them in his new book,' say the truth 'wished for.

Sonia Gandhi on Thursday said, "I will write my book and then you will know everything. Only the truth will come out when I write it. I am serious about this and I will. " 

 Natwar Singh and Sonia claims she was denied her claims that he had his 'conscience' handling heard and decided not to post.

Sonia Gandhi insisted that it has caused them to not hit like he has seen worse things than that and in husband Rajiv Gandhi's assassination riddled with bullets was shot to. Natwar said that the fact "important" that she responded to the facts of his book because he's former media adviser Sanjaya Baru, former prime minister did not respond to the book.

Asked Why is it, touch it because he has a weak vein, Singh said, "Obviously, it's something that bothered him so much that he gave feedback about it, you know.
Advising them that I would if I say please do not respond. "Sonia's prime minister denied claims and other issues Natwar Singh Manmohan Singh 'publicity stunt', the former foreign minister Natwar Singh mentioned about going"
The fact that Sanjaya Baru said he and others have said and what I said." the former prime minister Natwar Singh remained on his claim Pulak Chatterjee, Principal Secretary to official files Sonias took. He asked, "So he went to meet Sonia order to drink tea with them."

Natwar Singh, Rahul Gandhi that he wrote about the "strong will-power individual" and are not extended to the rear, but to become a full-time politician 'vigor' is not. Singh wrote, "Maybe he did not have a great politician, but he is very strong as a human being. And I understand that he is not afraid to take his life. "Sonia Singh mentioned in his book 'poisonous',' extremely doubtful 'and' a principal singer as' done 'with the day of step in India was treated as a royal person. "

Former Foreign Minister was ever too close to the Nehru-Gandhi family. His trenchant relationships between the oil-for-food scandal occurred in 2005 and had to resign from the UPA government to -1.

He denied any wrongdoing. He said that Sonia did not interfere. According to him, she told him that the former foreign minister's advisers proximity to the Congress president Sonia Singh critics will have a chance to charge it at the behest of the drone are.

Singh expressed the hope that sooner or later she will write a book. He said, "I have the right to present their views and I am expecting to read his book." Attack on Italian origins of Sonia said, do not treat it like today, no Indian me. Singh "It is our tradition that much of what age you are. You give them respect. No one will know it was not born in India. "

However, he believed that Congress without the Gandhi family is divided into five pieces. "The last 15 years have kept Sonia Gandhi Congress."

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