Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tali did not give the death penalty to play the uncle of Kim?

the uncle of Kim.JPG
 Kim Jong uncle Jang Song-Thek 
North Korea's President Kim Jong uncle Jang Song-Thek them to be sentenced to death a few days after the state media to their online archive of all articles related to Zeng removed.Kim Jong charges levied on the occasion of being awarded clap with determined fervor is accused of not playing. Zhang's status as the number two official in the country who have been removed video footage. 

67-year-old Zhang was active for many decades. Used his extensive contacts in China. North Korea's ultra-conservative, liberal he was considered in the power system. It is not clear that Kim open up the country's economy. Kim Mrwakr Zhang gave a stern message to his enemies. Kang Chol Hwan, who fled North Korea in South Korean newspaper Chosen Ilbo wrote, to strengthen his grip on power if Kim ax indiscriminately way to make your end so they will run. Kim family togetherness has helped him to stay in power. It was not seen before the schism.

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