Thursday, 24 July 2014

Millionaire Beggars Arrested In Saudi Arabia


Millionaire beggars

Riyadh. Police in Saudi Arabia arrested a beggar, who later turned out to be millionaires.

Saudi Gazette reports, the police Arabs from western Saudi Arabia's Yanbu person and precious items recovered cash of Rs 1.92 crore.

Medina police spokesman said Fahad Al-Gaanam person arrested under suspicious circumstances was begging.

The strict ban on begging in Saudi Arabia.

Police said the suspect was living in luxury apartments and other cities was used to move your car.

According to the report, the investigation revealed that his wife and three children in begging would help her.

All family members were living illegally in Saudi Arabia.

Gaanam said the millionaire beggar a Gulf country succeeded in obtaining the investment license.

Meanwhile, the police conducted detailed investigations of suspected illegal activities, which showed that he is not Saudi Arabia

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