Monday, 4 August 2014

Sikh Boy In USA On The Truck Plated To Resist Racial Comment

Sandeep Singh Sikh boy suffering

A Sikh youth in New York to protest racism has become very expensive.
A truck driver first, then the male racial comment
And then when she protested, put him on a truck and dragged him about 30 feet away.

The fact of the matter is Tuesday Sandeep Singh was the man standing on the street with a friend when a truck driver that came to them Sandeep which both opposed to racial abuse. Sandeep has sparked protests in front of the truck and began to try to summon police. Only the driver of the truck hit him. Not after collision Sandeep was dragged 30 feet by car.

Sandeep's friend Baldev Singh was present during the event including the truck driver was deliberately Gsitta him. Sandeep was somehow different from the car. After the incident, Sandeep badly injured have been admitted to the hospital in critical condition. The entire incident was recorded on CCTV cameras on the scene. Sikh organizations have lodged a protest over the incident and demanded that the matter be investigated.

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