Friday, 1 August 2014

China Admitted For The First Time, In 2013 Infiltrated The Valley Depsang

Geng Yanseng
China's military Depsang the first time last year in the valley of Ladakh and admit to violating LAC said that such incidents were caused by different conceptions about. Defence Ministry spokesman Colonel Geng Yanseng said the incident took place last year in the border region. All issues have been resolved properly through dialogue.

Although he did not name Depsang valley where the People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers Jtlane its control over the area in April last year for the camp were felt.

In response to a question at a press conference spokesman said, "do not determine the boundary line of actual control over both sides have different interpretations. The press conference was allowed to come to a few select foreign media and it was the first time in the history of the Chinese army.

Once a month, like the press conference for local media are. Geng said the foreign media of China and the Chinese army was called for better and more objective Smb.

Li Qing Chinese Premier's visit to India in May last year before Depsang had encroached into the valley after China was military and diplomatic tensions. After several rounds of talks Sulabha and Chinese troops had moved back to this issue. Depsang event first mentioned by the Chinese army, but he told ABC did not do this before traveling to the Chinese troops. Lee was the first visit to India after becoming prime minister.

There are many such incidents this month in Ladakh region was Sulabha cordial manner.

The spokesman said: "The two governments to resolve disputes over territory have reached important consensus. He cited the range of defense cooperation Smbute intensive patrol in the disputed area which was signed last year to resolve. The two sides signed last October against each other not to use military capability and confidence-building measures were proposed.

Both sides are trying to implement Beedisia.

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